Transformation Hosting Experience Calabria

Transformation Hosting Experience Calabria

Transformation Hosting Experience Calabria


Come to Calabria
In September 2015 we warmly invite you to Calabria, in the very South of Italy, on the seaside, in front of the volcano Stromboli, to join Transformation Hosting Experience (working title, also in transromation). It is in Tropea, 20-25 September 2015. The focus topic on this event will be OUR TIME IS NOW: How are the conditions of the soil in which we put the seed of transformation of our social realities?

100 pioneers from the fields of education, facilitation, consulting and civil society will come together at this event on the seaside to co-create and to hold all together the nourishing and inspiring space that we all need. How are we witnessing and experiencing transformation first hand? How are we holding the space for transformation individually, socially and collectively? Let’s share together and
experiment with what we know and with what we don’know. What are the conditions of the soil in which we put the seed of transformation?

Like the waves of the sea that touche the beach and continuously come and go, some times we are connected to our deep intention and Self and other times we are not connected to our intention and Self. The Transformation Hosting Experience 2015 on the seaside will host the space to examine and experience the conditions of our journey into the known and unknown, at three levels, individually, socially and collectively.


the first 20 participants (before 31.7.2015): free

Full price (after 31.7.2015): 100 Euro

Accomodation at Villaggio Formicoli (

special price 45 Euro/person/day: half pension, breakfast and dinner included minimum 20 participants): book your accomodation at

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