Esperienze di trasformazione: Change maker festival 2015

trasformazione calabria formicoli 2015


Esperienze di Trasformazione: è questo il titolo dell’incontro internazionale Change Maker Festival 2015 in Calabria, dal 20 al 25 settembre 2015 al Villaggio Formicoli (4 km da Tropea) (

é la terza edizione del Change Maker Festival: La prima edizione è stata due anni fa (nel 2013) in Svezia, l’anno scorso a Zagabria in Croazia, e quest’anno 2015 qui in Italia in Calabria. L’anno prossimo 2016 sarà a Berlino.

Esperienze di trasformazione? Tutti ne abbiamo. Quest’incontro internazionale è un’occasione di condivisione.

Dal 20 al 25 settembre 2015.

1) Compila il modulo qui e 2) compra i biglietti su Eventbrite e 3) prenota il soggiorno

Compra i biglietti con Eventbrite su

Costi Incontro:

Per i primi 20 iscritti entro il 31.7.2015: GRATIS

Dopo il 31.7.2015, dal 21. iscritto: 100Euro

Costi pernottamento/mezza pensione

45Euro/giorno/persona/mezza pensione cena. Prenota direttamente al Villaggio Formicoli

Inizio alle ore 21 del 20.9.2015

Fine: ore 9 del 25.9.2015

Per ulteriori informazioni contatta Elena:

Transformation Experience Calabria 2015


Transformation Event CalabriaJoin the first Italian international event of the Transformation Community in cooperation with IPTL (International Partnership of Transformational Learning). We are meeting in Calabria, South Italy, for 5 days, 20-25. September 2015. In a beautiful natural setting, on the seaside.
It is a sharing platform where you can present yourself and your work. The event is holding an inspiring space in nature, on the beach, where you can be authentic the way you are and where you have the opportunity to connect in a natural way to your deep Self.

It is a place of genuine and deep listening, of mindfulness, of joy:
Listening to yourself, your Self, listening to others, listening to nature, to the sea; listening to the community, to our social realities and the collective. We are all engaged in transforming ourselves, our work, our communities and society.
Share your experience about transformation, what is your focus right now? Where are you engaged? What are your insights? What are your struggles? How does your path look like? What gives you energy, what takes your energy away? Find in the transformation community like-minded people who can support you and that you too can support: What are you doing, how are you? How is your Being?

It is a participative and collaborative meeting. Our reference frame is presencing and mindfulness, and we cultivate our connection with our deep Self.

IPTL is an international group born out of an European Grundtvig on Transformational Learning and systemic transformation in times of chaos and crisis. We meet once a year: 2013 it was in Sweden, 2012 it was in Zagreb, Croatia. This year 2015 it is in Calabria, South Italy; next year 2016 it will be in Berlin.


Please register  here. Register with the online module and buy your ticket with eventbrite.

Fee for event: Free for first 20 participants before 31.7.2015

Full price: 100Euro (after 31.7.2015)

Buy tickets at Eventbrite:


Reserve your accomodation at (our special price is 45 Euro /person/per day, half pension, breakfast and dinner included. If you want to share your bungalow or room with someone tell the name at Villaggio Formicoli, when you reserve your accomodation.

For more informations contact Elena at or call +39-3491963178



Systemic Transformation (personal and social) in times of crisis and chaos

systemic transformation personal and social

systemic transformation personal and social


7 days experiential learning event

Date: May 2016

Creating the spaces for transformation is the opening process.  The personal transformation happens when the wound becomes a gift. The social transformation happens whith the transformation of the relationship: when the “I” becomes a “We”.


For Erasmus+ grant: PIC number of Aura Sviluppo Sostenibile 946381277.

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