Organisational culture, transformation of whole systems, and unleashing human potential.

Una bellissima presentazione di Richard Barrett Values Centre su SlideShare.

Organisational culture, transformation of the whole system and unleashing human potential.

Ecco il link della presentazione (in inglese)….

E’ tutta da studiare. Comunque ho scritto i principali spunti per me:

Cultural evolution begins with personal evolution. The culture of an organisation is a reflection of leadership consciousness.

  • The culture of an organisation is a reflection of leadership consciousness – the stage of psychological development that the leaders have reached.
  • Cultural transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. Organisations don’t transform, people do.
  • Measurement matters: whatever you measure (focus your attention on a regular basis) tends to improve.

The values are a shorthand method of describing our individual and collective motivations and what is important to us.

Values can be positive or limiting. Positive values: trust, creativity, passion, honesty, integrity, clarity.

Potential limiting values: bureaucracy, power, blame, greed, hierarchy, status-seeking.

The four pillars are Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture, Stakeholder Integration and Higher Purpose supported by Core Values.

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