Learning from nature Erasmus workshop in Calabria

Together with our croatian partner Isoropia from Zagreb we are inviting you to our Erasmus + Workshop in South Italy in Calabria (close to Tropea) from 31.October (Monday) to 4. November 2016 (Friday) LEARNING FROM NATURE.

Download the flyer: learning-from-nature_leaflet_final_



Link to Isoropia (Zagreb) our Croatian partner. living authenticallylearning_from_nature_calabria

What wants to be born out of your darkness?

This is a wonderful poem about a flower that asks you “What wants to be born out of you, in your darkness?”

The poem is of Hollie Holden, and I thank Robert Holden for his sharing.

What Wants to be Born In You Beloved 
I have become grateful for the moments
When I remember to stop
In order to listen
To what the earth has to tell me.
This morning it was a flower
Who took me by surprise
And shared her secrets with me.
She told me of her journey.
How it began in darkness,
In the quiet, cool embrace
Of the quiet, generous earth
She told me how the light called to her,
And how, slowly but solidly,
She began to unfold towards
The simple inevitability of her calling.
She told me of the exquisite cracking-open
Of all she knew herself to be;
The opening that felt like death
Until she realised it was her birth.
And then, with her open petals,
She asked me in the way
Only a full-bloomed flower can ask,
‘What wants to be born in you, beloved?
What does the light want to call into being
From the quiet, generous earth
That waits patiently
In the cave of your heart?


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