Project Summary – Sensing Whole

Project Summary “SENSING WHOLE”

Project Title: SENSING WHOLE – Facilitating the emergence of participatory skills (Erasmus+,  KA1 – Learning Mobiliy of Individuals / Action Mobility of learners and staff / Action Type Adult Education staff mobility)

Project Summary

The most important thing going forward is to break the boundaries between people so we can operate as a single intelligence. The task is to find ways to break these boundaries. This is true especially in our local rural reality of Calabria in South Italy, but also at national level in Italy and at European level. The basic problem we face is fragmentation and isolation, seeing separateness where there is actually wholeness and we don’t know how to work together and at the same time give voice to our authentic self. We are stuck in a system of dysfunctional conversational patterns of blaming others and not really listening. We need to exercise ourselves in seeing and valuing the world of our relationships.

The project has three objectives: 1) learn participatory methodologies to integrate in curricula and develop new curricula (also in English). It is about learning how we can give voice and visibility to the world of relationships and how we can work together with a unity of intent; 2) learn how to assess an organisation’s culture with measuring tools for the cultural assessment of groups, organisations, schools, communities, regions, and learn how we can sustain the cultural evolution for unleashing human potential; and 3) strengthen the European identity and awareness of the participants and organisation and improve the capacity to work internationally in future joint projects in the field of transformational change and learning, and cultural assessment.

Aura Sviluppo Sostenibile is an adult education organisation based in Ricadi, in the southern Italian region Calabria. We are sending in this project staff members of our organisation who are very motivated and skilled educators. They are selected because they have skills to integrate the new learning experiences in the curriculum and develop new innovative curricula. The participants will learn with these mobilities the participatory methodology of Art of Hosting which is a highly effective way of harnessing collective wisdom and the self-organizing capacity of groups of any size. In the specific in these mobilities the participants will focus on the collaborative methods of Art of Hosting, Participatory Leadership, Conversation that matter, and Non Violent Communication. The participants can tailor then this collaborative approach to the context and purpose of the organisation. The length of the project is 2 years. The project envisages the participation to 5 trainings abroad for 9 participants. The project starts with the attendance in Croatia at the international conference “Change Maker Festival” on Trasformative Learning of the IPTL International Partnership of Transformative Learning, (which was developed in a past Grundtvig project). This international conference will then in 2015 take place in Calabria. The second mobility will take place in the United Kingdom, participating to the CTT Cultural Transformation Tools training at Barrett Values Centre to learn how to use concrete measurement tools to assess organisation’s culture and be certified in CTT tools. The last three activities will be in Slovenia for learning Art of Hosting with the participation to 3 very theme-specific trainings on Art of Hosting. Mobility agreements and learning agreements are prepared with the participants to ensure the quality and the recognition of the mobility activities. We use the Europass for the recognition of the competences learned in the mobilities, to make the results more visible and to boost transparency and visibility of the European mobility experiences and validate the competences acquired, raising in that way the quality of lifelong learning programmes. Mentoring is also available for the participants, improving the quality of the learning experience.

Concrete results are the capacity to work with the collaborative and participative methodologies of Art of Hosting, learning how to be together and how to work and learn together; a further result is the capacity to assess an organisation’s culture with values-based tools. The envisaged impact at the local and regional level is the evolution of the organisation’s culture, and the knowledge that trust and respect can be facilitated. Another very important result is also the widening of the European horizon of the participants, personally and professionally, and of the organisation, creating a strong European identity.

But the most important potential longer term benefit is that mixing together people of different European nations gives the feeling that we are one unique citizenship, and we experience that there is a level above all separations, all differences and divisions, the level of the whole, with unity of intent.  We take the inspiration for our activities and acting at local, regional, national, European and international level from this level of the whole: Sensing Whole is the name of the project and sensing whole is to change the level we are acting from.


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