The people

All the persons involved in Aura Sviluppo Sostenibile (Aura Sustainable Development) are senior trainers and facilitators in personal and social transformation.

The director of the programme, Elena Franzini, Ph.D. in Agricultural Meteorology, M.Sc. in Agriculture, and counsellor in psychosynthesis, has a national and international experience as senior trainer and facilitator in the field of personal development, inner path of consciousness and inspirational work in nature. She co-developed in Switzerland the project Crescenda, in Basilea, the entrepreneurial centre for migrant women who want to create their own micro-enterprises. She is specialised in personal transformation and in social transformation processes in times of chaos and crisis. She is an expert of Presence (Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Otto Scharmer and Betty Sue Flowers), and of Theory U, the social technology of Otto Scharmer. She speaks English, German and French fluently (a bit of Portuguese Brasilian), and has public speaking competences. She is visionary and is particularly skilled in creating and developing pioneering projects. Founder member of SoL Society for Organisational Learning Italy

Alessandro Rossi, professor at the Catholic University of Milan in system dynamics and the economy of innovation, is a specialist in systems thinking and expert in system dynamics simulation, modeling systemic transformation processes (personal and social) in times of chaos and crisis.

Bruna Toubia is experienced in interpersonal dynamics, life issues, conflict transformation, identity issues and cultural integration.
She is a senior trainer in transformation, developing social projects supporting social competences in youth. She has been trained in
psychosynthesis, cross-cultural communication and systemic constellations. Founder of Outstep in Basel, Switzerland

Linda Broggini has experience, as social-professional educator working in team, in the reintegration in the labour market of low skilled young adult (18-25 years), including those with fewer opportunities and disadvantaged adults. Further she is experienced in social inclusion and solidarity, promoting young people’s social inclusion and well-being, notably through projects tackling the issue of youth unemployment. She is psychosynthesis counsellor, and is specialised in the inner worlds of consciousness.

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