Our activities and experiences

The activities and experience of our organisation are in the field of personal empowerment and in the development of social and cultural potential at national and international level. We create spaces of sharing, trust, listening and inspirations in the local community. We are offering learning experiences and facilitation in personal, spiritual and social cultural transformation. We are specialised particularly in the inner path of consciousness of the person in connection with his/her capacity to be change agent, in his personal leadership and in the development of the community (emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, collective intelligence, visioning), and sustaining collective leadership capacity related to innovative sustainable actions. We have experience in psycho-social-political research/action projects. (One project has been on legality and the “mafia-way of thinking” in collaboration with the University of Palermo, Institute of Mafia Psychology; this is relevant for this application because we address the isolation and fragmentation of our communities).

With our activities we give courage to those people who want personally to commit themselves in a path of personal transformation and change, and we create spaces of sharing and trust. Hosting spaces of trust are sustaining the authenticity of the people and are enabling deep empowering dialogues. A profound change at social level passes through the transformation of the relationships and the transformation of the relationships begin with listening. Therefore it is important to learn how to talk to each other, to speak with our authentic voice and to learn to listen to the voice of others. We create learning spaces of inspiration in nature, developing sensitivity towards inner dialoguing, cultivating a personal contact and sensitivity with our soul. At the same time we have a large experience in cultivating the sensitivity towards the beauty of the local natural landscape and the possibility to recharge in nature our own batteries in times of chaos and crisis.

We are engaged in workshops, trainings and open-spaces in self-esteem, systems thinking (Peter Senge), systemic transformation in times of crisis and chaos, psychosynthesis (Roberto Assagioli), presencing (Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski), theory U (Otto Scharmer), and Conscious Leader /Conscious Business (Fred Kofman).

3 members of the staff are now participating as members of the Italian partner in the Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project  2012-2014 “Enhancing Transformation in Time of Chaos and Crises”, Nuova Cultura d’Impresa di Luigi Antonio Luciano Tattolo.

We help communities, businesses and organisations capitalise on the potential of the individuals and groups to foster positive change. We are trying to develop a language that can help people think and talk together about how the whole can shift. We help people transforming the source of our awareness for developing sustainable actions.

Aura Sviluppo Sostenibile was a member of the consortium of the Coastal Action Group named ATS “Gruppo di Azione Costiera Costa degli Dei” of the European Fisheries Fund EFF, 2007-2013 Priority Axis IV “sustainable development of fisheries areas”.

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